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The online world can be so impersonal, overwhelming, and fake. You go on to look for inspiration, ideas, and clarity, but end up feeling worse about yourself the more you see. Then you end up being more like a number, or like you're there to stroke someone else's ego. Rather than be inspired, you end up feeling envy, and being more dissatisfied about where you're at now. I have also fallen prey to the comparison-trap. To be honest, after seeing one too many a selfie and humble brag, I almost walked away from the fitness industry. It all started to feel totally shallow and pointless.

But then I remembered why I started MyomyTV in the first place: I believed that just being real about fitness and life could help others see possibility in themselves. Being transparent about it all puts a voice to the struggles we all face which threaten our ability to take action toward our goals.

That's what MyomyFitness is about: Cultivating realness along the fitness journey.
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Learn more about Brittany, San Diego-based kettlebell and handstand coach. Peep a few of Britt's favorite kettlebell movements and hear about why she loves coaching movement.

Find out more at www.kbfitbritt.com
Find free info and Britt's favorite kettlebell brand at www.kettlebellkings.com
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Marcus Martinez provides kettlebell and unconventional training through Onnit Academy

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StrongFirst's mission is to offer the best service, education, and instructors to exercise professionals, tactical operators, and the strong men and women that we serve. As an organization, we have continued to improve and evolve our methodology since the first Russian Kettlebell Challenge Certification offered in 2001. We thank you for your commitment and passion, as you have contributed to the growth and evolution of our programs.

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What you'll find with this channel is the unbiased truth about how to overcome your falsely perceived genetic limitations, and achieve the gains in ripped, powerful, and athletic muscle mass that you never thought possible!

Through a proven and practical use of scientific based programming, advanced recovery techniques, and no B.S. diet advice, you'll learn exactly what you need to do in order to achieve your fitness goals fast!

Welcome to 'Team Swole Patrol'!!!
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Now Live - EricLeija.com - Check out my Primal Kettlebell Course

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My goal is to help you utilize and understand three major points of a healthy lifestyle.

Sustainable nutrition
Mental / physical stress relief
Learning and trying new physical activities. ( While also enhancing current activities such as golf, tennis, weightlifting )
These three points are essential to a healthy lifestyle as we age.

The goal is to focus on bettering yourself without being frustrated by exercise or activities that are above your physical stress threshold, diets that are too intense and chronic mental overstimulation.

If you would like help or consultation with any of these focuses, please email me at danielsfitnesstraining@gmail.com or the contact form below.

Thank you,

Joe Daniels
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Kettlebell Kings only has one goal: to supply you with the kettlebells you need to meet your fitness goals! Not only now, but as you transform yourself through ongoing training with different weights and types of kettlebells. Not only do we want you to use us as your source for all kettlebells, but also we want to provide you with the tools you need to transform your mind and body. We will always update and add more content to our kettlebell workouts page, so you can keep coming back for new ideas about how to gain from the use of kettlebells.

We know choosing a kettlebell can be a hard decision, so we want to help you decide what product is right for you with our informational page. We carry as many different lines of kettlebells as possible, so we can offer you the widest selection of kettlebells at a low cost with quick, easy and affordable shipping. Kettlebell Kings sells kettlebells for veterans and top-level competitors as well as kettlebells for those new to kettlebell workouts.
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These videos are my personal favourites from the Cavemantraining channel, couple of workouts and exercises, mostly with kettlebells, but there is something for everyone.
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I started The Body Coach TV to inspire and motivate people to exercise more and to get fit, healthy, strong and lean. I share new workouts every week that you can do anywhere and most of them don't need any equipment.

I want to have workouts for everybody, so let me know in the comments what sort of videos you want to see on my channel.

Let's get lean.

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