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The online world can be so impersonal, overwhelming, and fake. You go on to look for inspiration, ideas, and clarity, but end up feeling worse about yourself the more you see. Then you end up being more like a number, or like you're there to stroke someone else's ego. Rather than be inspired, you end up feeling envy, and being more dissatisfied about where you're at now. I have also fallen prey to the comparison-trap. To be honest, after seeing one too many a selfie and humble brag, I almost walked away from the fitness industry. It all started to feel totally shallow and pointless.

But then I remembered why I started MyomyTV in the first place: I believed that just being real about fitness and life could help others see possibility in themselves. Being transparent about it all puts a voice to the struggles we all face which threaten our ability to take action toward our goals.

That's what MyomyFitness is about: Cultivating realness along the fitness journey.
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